Chairman Message - Investment Approach

Andrew. Smith
Chairman & CEO
Stones Capital Group

Invest in Companies with Sustainable Competitive Advantages

We seek businesses that have sustainable competitive advantages, strong market positions and significant potential for growth. We are conservative in nature and avoid investments with uncontrollable risks. Generally, the companies we target are mature and have a demonstrated history of profitability and growth. Occasionally, to address compelling market opportunities, we will provide growth capital to businesses at earlier stages of maturity.

Partner with Strong Management Teams

We like to partner with proven operators with successful track records who want to retain a meaningful equity stake in their business or invest in the enterprise alongside us. We will invest in companies that already have strong incumbent management teams or partner with managers to acquire companies in their industry.

Will Pursue Contrarian, Out-of-Favor, Complex Investments

We have the skills, experience, relationships and resources to invest in complex or challenging situations. We are willing to pursue businesses in: industries with negative investor sentiment; entrepreneur-owned businesses that lack the appropriate level of infrastructure and operational focus; and, businesses in “failed-auction” processes.